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    We are trying to put together some SOP on LODD. What we are lookig to do is have a SOP that we can give to a neighboring dept and let them make arrangments so we don't have that added pressure also. Does anyone have SOP on this?

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    Alliance is not to far away... hope we don't end up getting handed a copy of the SOP to implement. I am sure the bigger departments on Ohio such as Cleveland, Columbus and perhaps even Akron have some written protocals. You might also try contacting the IAFF or some other firefighter's organization for such information.

    I would like to add an observation I have from the (more than I want to remember) police officer funerals I have been to. When doing the funeral motorcade line-up, consider placing all of the visiting apparatus in front of the funeral car. Doing this allows the bulk of the firefighters to arrive at the cemetary ahead of the immediate family. That way they can be formed and assembled into lines prior to the removal of the casket from the funeral car. When you put these units behind the funeral car in the procession, you end up with firefighters scurying about at the cemetary trying to get in place while the family has to stand-by and wait for their loved one to be moved. If you choose to line up the motorcade in this fashion... BE SURE YOU MAKE PROVISIONS AT THE CEMETARY TO PROVIDE AMPLE PARKING FOR THE IMMEDIATE FAMILY.

    Plan well for a LODD and pray you will never need to use the plans you have made...

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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