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    Unhappy Our Prayers Are With You

    Th members f the Bradley County Volunteer Fire Department send our prayers to the familyand fellw brothers and sisters of the Memphis ire Department.

    Having lost one of our we can truely understand what you are going through at this time.

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    Many prayers for the men who we lost, their families and the entire community. There are no words to soothe the pain, nor any to heal the hearts. But know these men and women who fight daily against all odds are very much appreciated and valued and will never be forgotten.
    Remembrance Always,
    Orlando FL


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    Last night I sat in stunned disbelief as the details of the tragedy unfolded. It's beyond comprehension that something like this could happen..and be perpetrated by a fellow firefighter. My prayers are with the firefighters and families left behind.

    Walter Little, Jr.
    East Point Fire Department

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