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    Cindy Grammer
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    Unhappy Memphis Shooting

    My hart goes out to all the firefighter and familys of the firefighters. I know how you all are feeling at this time becouse I have been in the same position 7 years ago the day after christmas Dec 26, 1992 I lost My firefighter to a Arson fire when a church foof collapsed on him. His name was J.D. Hill.
    But what makes this in Memphis so Bad is a fellow firemen killed his fellow coworkers from the same engin house where he worked.
    That just goes to show you that we do not know what tomorrow will bring. You all put your lives on the line everytime you leave the engin house. And you never know if this will be the last time you see your loved ones. So my firends we all need to love one a nother becouse you never know what will happen the next time that firefighter goes out on a nother run.Will it be his last or will he come back ok.All we can do is pray that they come home safe and sound. God be with the familys and firend of firehouse35 in Memphis. And to all the other firefighters
    that put there life on the line everyday to keep us safe We thank you.

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    My heart felt sympathy to the Memphis Fire Dept. My dad was on the dept for 29yrs and I have a deep respect for you and your famalies. My prayer is that God will comfort each of you in these difficult days. May you find the peace that only Christ can give you.

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