My name is Kim, I work for MFD, often alongside the men killed today. I am trying to gather a patch/pin/t-shirt/etc. collection to pass along to the children of the men killed today. I need your help. Two of the kids are 3 and 5. They will likely not have many memories of their dad by adolescence. I want to get as many patches as i can to give to them in 3-4 weeks when the shock has passed. Just a little something to show how many people across this great nation sympathize and care about what their father died for. Lt. Lerma is the 2nd generation firefighter to die in the line of duty. His dad was killed in 1977. E-mail me at to get the address to send the patches to. If any dept. out there would like to send a card to Caryn Lerma, i will also forward those to her from the same send address. Please help... this is really important to me.