Im 19 and work for the MPD in the Property and Evidence Room Sending my prayers to the family and friends in this time of Loss..March 8,1999... I was just waking up around 1:30 to get ready for work..when all the sudden i hear news of people getting injured...i watched on TV and listined 2 the news and finally I figured out what was goin on...I hear about people who save lives lose there own really bothers me that there are sooo many cruel people out there that dont care who they hurt...when I came into work today i felt a cold chill come up my back.... as the day progressed it kept bothering me and bothering me then all the sudden the first piece of evidence came down to the property room...then that feeling just went all over my body.. then a few hours later everything came covered in blood I started to shake as their belongings went through my hands,the firesuits,radios,clothes,the gun which took the lives of brave people who risk there own lives for others...i want to send special prayers out to the family and childeren of the SCSO MFD & the MPD for a terrible loss in our society today..but now they have moved on to a bigger and brighter place in the world...and hopefully we can be reunited with them 1 day very soon...

Noe IBM 2922
MPD Property & Evidence
201 Poplar

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