It is with great sorrow that I watched the news and was confronted by the feeling that I had lost part of my own family. Although I reside almost four hours from Memphis, as a member of the Greatest Family that God put on this earth, the Emergency Services Family, I have yet again an empty feeling knowing that 3 brothers were lost. Those of us that have been in this buisness most of our lives truly understand the extended family relationship that exists among emergency workers. The long tradition of commitment to each other and to the community creates a bond among us all. I cannot imagine the true feeling of loss which the families are going through right now but I can only say that as a member of the extended family my heart goes out to each and every one of the Emergency Workers of the Memphis area and to the families of those we have lost.
My prayers are with you all and please know that whatever your needs become in this time of grief, your exended family will be with you always.
Allen Brown FF/EMT-P
Stoddard County Ambulance Dist.
Dexter, Mo.

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