They Paid the Utltimate Price Answering the Call of Duty.

An officer never knows
what he is going into
on the other end of the call

Sometimes he finds loyalty
Sometimes he finds tragedy
and sometimes he just falls

Some calls are for help
Some are just for attention
and others are just pranks
but then some end in loss
of life for no reason
at all

Our officers are brave,
loyal and respectful
although some people
just don't know what
they go through preparing
for the call

The bravest of people
are said to be men
but when a fellow officer
falls and their soul lives on
these men will cry out of
sorrow, saddness and for
the loss of their comrade.

I know all this to be true
cause see I live with a fireman
and when he falls
his family will too.

Dedicated to the memory of the two
fallen fireman and the sherriff officer's
family and friends.

May God bless you all and help you
live from day to day.