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    Unhappy fellow brothers

    Fellow brothers we will remember you and everything you stand for I myself am a firefighter in Arkansas. We put our lives on the line everyday,weekends,holidays,with almost no time off for our families at home. Not selfish,not thinking of ourselfs,and this is the thanks we get in return. We,not only as firefighters,but as paramedics hardly ever get so much as a thank you but I would just like to say Thank You to the fallen firefighters and sheriff's deputy as well as the ones who have to go on with their jobs for all they do to make everyone feel safe and protected from danger. We go into what everyone else runs from so god bless to all brothers and may god be with you as you go through your journeys. Our thoughts and prays are with you,from the dedicated people at Riverside Ambulance in Marked Tree and the Lepanto Fire Department.


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    On behalf of myself I would like to express my shock and sorrow for what happened in Memphis. How could a brother shoot one of his own. This is terrible, and this is what the world is coming to. Does anyone know if the shooter had some phsyscological problems? If he did, that would explain him shooting his brothers. This happening is just like an adult shooting his brother, because we are all brothers. I just hope this never ever happens again. Stay safe.

    Joe E. Thomson
    AIM: Firecadet613

    Real hero's wear SCBA's, not capes.

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