Dear memphis firefighters,
I wrote this to tell you how sorry i am of what happened. I am a member of a vol. fire department in Walnut Mississippi. I know after you get around a fellow firman, getting a friend ship bult up it would be unamagainable what it would feel like to lose not one but two fellow firemen. All the other guys at the fd wanted me to write this and to tell you all that you are in our prayers. I hope all of there familys and friends will be ok. And for the fellow fireman that was the guilty one for shooting them, I hope he gets what he deserves. And for the cop, I know how his family feels, my grandpa was the constable of alcorn county and got stabbed in 1983. Well i guess there is just something among firefighters, as soon as i heard bout it, it brought a tear to my eyes. We love you all!!!

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