I was working at the 13's wednesday, and saw the special report come across the TV, I couldn't believe my eyes. "FIREMAN SHOT", was the headline, as they showed live coverage of the horrible scene.

My eyes filled up with tears, and my heart began to ache for the familys of all you fire fighters.

I began to put myself in the place of the wives, the mothers, the sons, the daughters, the sisters, the brothers, and the fathers that may be seeing the news report, and wondering if it was their loved one.

Even though I only spend a brief time with you guys, I'm slowly but surely getting to know you by name, and this incident reached the very core of me. I feel with you...

I may not be a fireman, and I don't begin to think that I know what kind of brotherly bond you have to one another. BUT I do see, hear, and get to experience a SMALL part of what it's like to be a fireman everyday. AND, I do know what it is like to lose someone who means the world to you. It's not easy!

Until I became employed by the M.F.D., I never really thought about what you guys go through as fireman. How unselfish, caring, devoted, and giving each of you are.

How you leave your homes and family on the days that you report to work, not knowing whether you'll make it home the next day or not. You guys are Heros! Your spouses are special too, for being able to stay strong as they kiss you goodbye and watch you leave for work. God bless them...

My heart goes out to each and everyone of you in this situation, especially to the familys who won't have their husband, father, brother, or son to hold anymore.

God bless you all for the jobs you do, and may everyone of you always make it home to your loved ones safely.

My thoughts and prayers are with you...And let all of us say a special prayer for the familys who lost their loved ones...

MFD Electrician

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