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    Bill Noonan Guest

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    What is next?? First Worcester..then Iowa..then Houston and now Memphis...seems like every week there is another LODD..our prayers are with the families and the firefighters who will continue to respond....BILL NOONAN

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    Pastor Dawn Guest

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    It may seem very simplistic, but from my view point of being a minister as well as a seventeen year member of the fire service, I feel that sometimes Satan has his way with us until God stops him. My Bible tells me that Satan is the prince of this world and since we, as firefighters, are the best of the best, of this world; Satan hates us. He wants us dead and he wants our families to suffer. We can't stop that from happening, but we can control how we deal with the feelings that we are left with and the emptiness that is created when one of our own dies. I lost my Uncle in a LODD when I was a youngster and the pain never goes away. It would be a lie to say that it does. But we can celebrate their lives and help the families that are left behind and we can respond to calls just as we always do.
    We are the best, we are the bravest and that will never change.

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