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    Thumbs down Firefighters turned criminals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are seeing to many firefighters turning bad latley. I am not sure why but something has to be done about it. Captains and fellow firefighters have to notice the changes in co-workers and sit them down and talk to them about there problems. We are in the buisness of saving lives, not taking them.
    FROM: Orange County Fire Authority, Local 3631.

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    I have to partly agree with your statement, however, not always are you going to see a change or something diffrent. Even if you confront your bother at work, they may lie to you even when there is problems at home. I would hope that each department would have a "Employee Assistance Program" for the employee's needs and the counciling, would be confidential. But then it is up to the employee, to utilize this to prevent such happenings to others.

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    I agree with what you say... But in today's society, if you talk with someone about them having a potential problem or a lack of performance that you perceive is being driven by factors outside the job, you run the risk of being accused yourself of harassment or "creating a hostile work environment". The government, with all it rules and regulations and loopholes has made it hard for supervisors to do their jobs. Now, the only safe thing to do is come to work, make assignments, work your shift, dont talk to anyone unless it is business, and then go home. It is a catch 22...damned if we do...damned if we don't. And pencil pushing fire department administrators with no field experience (a small percentage anyway)are running scared. All you have to do is say "boo" and they are looking to fire or discipline someone. And if they can not figure out how to do it, they have their "what can i do to get ahead boys" find a way. Then we wonder why there is so much discontent with upper management. We have become out own worst enemy! DO NOT Misunderstand me. I think the entire situation is horendous and unexcusable. I am sure an insanity plea will keep us from hearing the entire story. But to every problem, there is a root. What caused this? That is the answer we need to go after.. Then...stop it from happening again.

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