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    Unhappy Saying Good-Bye To A Partner and Friend

    David Sharp: Unique, Honest, Loyal, Dedicated, Personal, Comical, Genuine

    These are just some of the ways to describe David.
    I know as I type this you are with me pal.
    Saturday I found a picture of us when we were in the Bahamas, it sits between the keyboard and me catching each tear that falls as I type this. Who would have ever thought that we would have been so much alike and now we are so far apart. I'll never forget what your old Capt. said when he and I were assigned together,"Did'nt think God made but one Sharp, but I be dog if ya'll aint just alike." I think he kinda' liked our personality, we could make a boring day pretty interesting could'nt we?
    I never had the privilege of becoming real close with your family, so I have not spent anytime there this past weekend, but don't you worry, ole' Mimms is taking care of everybody, that was never a doubt was it?

    Tomorrow will be mighty tuff as they sound that last bell, I hate to see you go bro' the last 12 years have been real swell.
    You'll never again have to worry with this World's troublesome times, so take this time to relax, walk and play Heaven's back nine. Learn all you can about that pendulum swing, so that you can reach down and help me on the course this Spring.

    Help keep everyone straight at the great Pinehurst #2 in the sky,
    And let me say one last time
    "Hit 'em good partner!"

    I'll miss you man,
    Love Dean

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    We are all here for you. If I had been off from work i would have driven to Fayetteville today to be a part of the ceremony and pay my respects as I did in Worcester MA in Dec.

    God bless you and all of your Department members as you struggle to cope with this horrible and senseless tragedy. I have delt with several F/F LODD in my own jurisdiction (the AMTRAK disaster September 28, 1989 in Virginia), so I know what you are feeling.

    Feel free to use my email address to converse further if you have a need to talk!

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