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    Post goodbye brother

    To David's family,
    May you find strength in God and one another in this time of grief. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    To my brothers and sisters at FFD,
    Lean on each other and never, ever take anything for granted. You must find comfort in your brothers and your families, and time will mend our hearts. Be strong for David and his family. I love you all and think of you every day.


    From the academy to now, our brotherhood and our hearts were the common thread. Thanks for the friendship and the honor to serve with you. So long my friend. but not goodbye.

    E-11-B, B-Shift, Mike H., Richard B., Brian Mims, Jaybird, Dean, Charlie A., Dennis S., Chris J., Kenny H., and Benny,

    A special prayer for you my brothers.

    David and Buddy will have command when we get there.

    My thoughts are with you always.

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    Monica Deal Guest


    It is always hard to hear about loosing a fellow brother. Even more so when you know them and work with them everyday. To the family of FF Sharp, our prayers be with you. To his station family, FF Sharp is beside you watching over you on every call.

    FF Monica Deal, Junior FF Tim Fisher, FF 2 B Zachery Deal
    Doswell Fire Station 4
    Doswell, Virginia

    FF Monica Deal

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