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    Unhappy New Zealand Condolences

    I would like to express on behalf of the Southwest VFD our sicere regrets for the family and colleagues of Kieran O'Hanlon who's tanker he was rinding in went through a fence and rolled over. We send him and his family our hopes that they know they are not alone in this loss.

    Leon Bass
    Jr. Firefighter
    SWVFD Station 16

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    Rest assured that while this loss of a brother firefighter was not in the United States, the hearts and thoughts and prayers of all of us are with your department and your families in this time of tragedy. Our brotherhood does not recognize boundaries or differences in volunteer or career. We love you all!

    God bless all of you!

    Stan (Firefighter, Haz Mat Specialist)
    Karen (Emergency Medical Technician)
    Trey (16 year old Junior Firefighter II)
    Ryan (12 year old football player...maybe a firefighter)

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    Our sympathies, thoughts and prayers to the family and co-workers of Kieran O'Hanlon. We're all a family here to help.

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    We will never have the answers as to why devoted professionals such as Kieran are taken from us to serve in a higher capacity.

    My personal thoughts and condolences go out to Kieran's family and those who served with him.

    Eric Bush, Firefighter (retired)
    Houston, Texas USA

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