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Thread: Chicago LODD

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    Please Lord, help the firefighters of Chicago and the families know that their loved ones are with you. Let them have peace in their hearts and to know they are helping us in your way.

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    The members of the Darien Fire Department wish to send our sincere condolences to the Chicago Fire Depatment and to the family and friends of Fire Lt. L.C. Murrell. May God ease your pain and continue on in dedication to him.

    Lance Ross
    Darien Fire Department
    Darien Center, New York

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    The members of the Highland, Indiana Fire Department in Northwest Indiana send our deepest sympathy to the family of Lt. Merrell, Truck #24 and the Chicago Fire Department. This tragic death, especially so near to our Department, tears away a piece of our heart that can never be replaced. Remember that the LT. is now a member of our guardian angel brigade.

    Ronald E. Staroscsak
    Engineer, Central Station
    Highland, Indiana Fire Dept.

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