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    Unhappy Nathan A. Pescatore

    Nathan was the closest friend I had, ever since I was born I knew him, we grew up together and became brothers. In memory of Nathan I'm going to join our home company, Lloydsville Volunteer Fire Dept. Station 114! He loved being a firemen and I grew up there so I will join my 2nd family as a fellow firefighter! You guys there have been great and you are really helping me through this and I'd like to thank you and all of the other firemen who payed thier respects to Nathan. I just want to ask one thing from all of you, PLEASE pray for Nathan's family and friends! Thank-you and god bless.

    Frank M. Chesla IV
    Soon to be junior fire men
    Lloydsville VFD
    Latrobe, Pa

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    Frank --

    Unfortunately you have to learn the hard way, but you will find that you are exactly right in saying you will be joining a second family when you join your local FD. Outside of 'blood' relatives, you will never find a closer family then that of your brother and sister firefighters.

    Hang in there soon-to-be brother!!! I've been there!! I lost lifelong friend when I was 17 and it tears you apart! Although it can never be changed and you will never forget it, it will get easier -- PROMISE!!

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    My thoughts and love go out to the families. And I will welcome you as my new Brother Frank. Remember one thing as you enter this life we love so. If you are one of three on a hose, there will be four. If you are one of two searching a smoke filled house, there will be three, your Brother Nathan will always be there with you.
    GOD bless and hold our fallen HEROs

    Stay safe & take care of each other!

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    All of us at Dalmatian Productions, Inc., the home of "RESCUE HEROES" and "America's Heroes: The Volunteers of Fire/Rescue" wish to express our sincere condolences on the untimely and tragic passiong of FF Nathan A. Pascatore.
    May the memories of his dedication to his community and his department serve as a blessing to all who had the privilege of knowing him.

    Steven S. Greene, for
    Dalmatian Productions, Inc.

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