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    Post Nathan Pescatore

    The members of the Eastern Derry Twp. V.F.D. would like to send most sincere and heartfelt sympathy to the family of Nathan. And also to the members of the Lloydsville V.F.D.
    He will be missed by many but is in a much better place.
    Chris Morrow, Captain Eastern Derry Twp. V.F.D.

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    Forwarded via e-mail:

    To Whom This May Concern:

    I just wanted to say thanks for all you support and effprts to bring
    everyone closer through the death of Nathan A. Pescatore. He was
    practically a brother to me, a close friend, and more importantly a hero. I
    am glad to see you thoughfullness, symapathy, and prayers. May God bless
    you all.

    Lindsay Olenick

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    Thats what our family is all about,when theres a need we will come together to support our Brothers & Sisters and there families. Remember Lindsay our Brother Nathan will always be with us like all our fallen HEROs when the alarm sounds!
    GOD bless and hold our fallen HEROs

    Stay safe & take care of each other

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