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    Hello Brothers & Sisters,

    I am not sure if I can post police officers line of duty deaths here or not but in my town of Yarmouth MA we had a 28 year veteran officer die last night. He was doing a road detail and was run over by a tri-axle dump truck. He was the first Police Officer to be brought down in the Line Of Duty.

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    I am truly sorry for your loss. My
    condolences to the Police, Fire and EHS
    members who are dealing with this tragedy.
    Please pass on my admiration to the officers'
    survivors for his dedication to duty...28 years on the job, protecting those he didn't know. The point that hits home for me is the amount of time this hero spent on the job...He was helping the needy long before I was born.
    Again, my condolences, and on behalf of the
    Squamish Firefighters Association in Squamish
    British Columbia, Canada, our support and prayers in your trying times.

    "Real heroes don't wear capes...they wear badges or SCBA's"

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    Pastor Dawn
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    Thumbs up

    I won't add a thing to the first message other than to say that my deepest and most profound sympathies are with our Police Department "cousins" in Yarmouth. I wish I could say something wise and profound, but...........

    May God Bless Us All

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