This message is for all the firemen that attended our nephew’s funeral on
Monday-January the 8th. Needless to say, the agony of losing our beloved
nephew--Gregg McLoughlin is unbelievably profound and painful.
The family cannot say enough about the kindness of the firemen that helped us
get through those dreadful days. They are a credit to their own families and
I wish I could tell each and every one of their families how we got through
those days because of the caring and kindness of those firemen. Gregg was a
loving father and husband-and also a wonderful nephew and cousin and
friend. It broke our hearts to see his brother struggling to speak of his
little brother in the church.

We thank the mayor Giulianni for his participation in the mass.
The incredible firemen are really family. I used to hear this all the time,
but this is my first encounter with these wonderful people- I shall never
look at firemen the same way again--I shall forever hold them in my heart
with fondness and love for what they did that day....and the police
helicopters that flew over head outside the church was heart wrenching--I
wish I could hug Gregg one more time.........We all miss him terribly--He was
so loved....Thank you all---with much love for you all!


Mr. & Mrs.
James McLoughlin