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    I am looking for information on the rites and rituals/traditions for LODD funerals. You know the gear on the engine, crossed ladders etc. I'm trying to compile a complete list of these for a research presentation on LODD funerals. If anyone has anything that they can send me, or tell me where I can find it please do so. You can email me at RI1470@aol.com or post them here.

    Thank you, and stay safe all

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    Check out www.fallen-firefighter.com

    This site has tons of information on planning services and links to companies that provide various items such as engine bunting and flags. (There is even a casket with a firefighter design)

    Hope this helps...


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    I am certainly no expert on this (nor would I want to be) but here are some things I have seen at the few LODD funerals it has been my sad duty to attend.

    Lights draped in black on the apparatus, to mute the colors but still provide the flashing lights for the last alarm.

    Gear folded up and placed on the back step of the engine, usually with the helmet on top. I think this is similar to the backwards boots in the stirrups at a military funeral. The back step of course harkens back to the old days when this was a usable position on the rig.

    The designation of the fallen brother's entire company as the Honor Company. At the end the salute is held until the honor company has passed by in recession.

    Or course the black bands across the badge. I was told by a police officer that this was to cover up the numbers because in mourning we are all one and not individuals, I really do not know if this is the history of that symbol.

    Of course tha bagpipes. This is probably due to the large number of Scottish and Irish imigrants that joined the fire departments in the 1800's.

    One tradition that I have heard only used for a fallen chief is that the most junior member of the company carries an old speaking trumpet filled with flowers in front of the procession.

    That's all I can think of for now. I hope this helps.

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