As a volunteer firefighter myself, we are involved in many dangerous situations when we are out fighting fires. There are times when we are injured or killed in the line of duty. This is what happened to brother firefighter Jim Heenan. He did his job as a volunteer firefighter to the best of his ability. He didn't care about what he was going into because he knew what he had to do at that house fire back on January 1st. It was said on the Worcester Firefighters Memorial CD: Firefighters can count on each other whether they know each other or if they've never met at all. Firefighters share a bond that has no boundaries and will do all necessary to help each other. A hero is an average citizen who does something to help someone else. A hero is a firefighter who runs into a burning building not thinking of ones self but at the task at hand. A hero maybe your next door neighbor or maybe an immediate family member.

Jim Heenan may have answered his last alarm but his memory will be with this volunteer firefighter FOREVER!!!!

Bill Bohmer
Burlington Township Fire Department