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    You will be sorely missed by one and all.
    GOD SPEED!!!!!

    Kevin Chaff

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    Mr. Wilson was my instructor, a fellow firefighter, my friend, but most importantly he was and forever will be my hero. I will greatly miss him. God have mercy on his soul.


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    I am so very sorry to hear of the losses of the Anthony Murdick and Scott Wilson families and the Unionville Center Fire Company family on this tragic tragic accident. Please know that your pain is felt far and wide and that you will never be alone. My families' hearts thoughts and prayers go out to you all.

    Michael Cox
    Downingtown, Pa

    Because if we don't, who will?

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    Jack T Weiser
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    The members of the Seneca Volunteer Fire Department extend our sincere and heartfelt sympathy to the families, friends and brother firefighters of Assistant Chief Anthony Murdick and Firefighter/Paramedic Scott Wilson. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time.


    Jack T. Weiser, President

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    This was a hard time of sorrow. This was a tremendous lose to all. I feel sorry for all those who will never meet Scott or Tony, I feel sorry because they will never meet two better people then them. I was one of Mr. Wilsons students. He was a teacher, friend, hero, and mentor to all of his students. He will be missed greatly. I didn't know Tony but I feel sad because I didn't get to know such a great guy. These two were Heros. I wish more people could be as brave. SCOTT AND TONY YOU WILL NEVER be forgotten in our minds and hearts. God bless you and God Speed
    With all my Love
    Erin Garing

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    Dear Friends
    It is with great sadness that I write this thank you note. I never thought I would have ever been thrust into this position of being the Fire Chief of two fallen men. These two men were the best of the best. They grew up together, scouts together, school together, and on Sunday April 8th, 2001. They DIED TOGETHER. It is not ours to question why, but we do. They are in a better place now. I will miss these two men, because more than anything, we were friends. Both men leave behind wonderful wives, and wonderful children. And as I promised them, I promise you. We Will take care of them.
    Again thank you for all your support. I couldnt do this without it.

    Mark A. Lauer
    Fire Chief
    Unionville Vol. Fire Co.
    Butler County Pa. 16001

    cya dogz
    "Leather Forever"
    "Thats Cool"


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    Thank You to everyone who supported our department during our time of mourning for the loss of our two brother fire fighters. They were both great friends of mine and will be greatly missed by everyone they ever came in contact with. We were friends since we were Jr. fire fighters, together we made our mark in the department, we all served as officers together and I thought for sure we would become the "coffee crew" together.

    Scott and Tony, the memories we created will always be on my mind and I will pass on the memories to your sons, you will not be forgotten!

    "Leather (Friends) Forever"
    Matt Wagner FF/EMT/Diver

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    As a volunteer FF/EMT and a Swiftwater Rescue Tech. My heart goes out to my fallen brothern, their families, and their department. God does strang things, but he will forever watch over our fallen comrads.May your mourning be short and the memories long and happy. And I know that like all others that have fallen before them, these two now watch over us, and are on every call with us, protecting us from the unforseen things. Jason Myer FF/EMT SWRT

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