I am an Engineer for a medium sized department in Colorado. Just this morning, a neighboring police department suffered what I believe as its first LODD. Because we are a very close-nit area, I am making arrangements for our fire department to be a part of this officer's funeral. Some questions arose that I am posing to the forum for help: Since we would not normally interact with this police department, is it OK to request to officially attend the service? Should we, as a department, wear our mourning bands and if so, how? If we are to attend the processional, should we consider a black cloth or something similar to go over the lightbar? I have attended a few other funerals but this is the first LODD in the same county. If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free.

Eagle River Fire Protection District www.erfpd.org

For information on this LODD- www.thedenverchannel.com