So That Others May Live
It was about twenty past four on a wet winter night
when the bells rang out; there was a fire to fight.
As the fireman rose from their places of rest,
they knew they’d be put to the ultimate test.
I got to the scene; as people shouted and cried
I heard someone scream ‘She’s Still Inside!’
The blaze had blocked both the front and back door,
so in the windows they went, to search the floor.
As trucks with more manpower started to arrive,
I heard a scream ‘I’ve Got Her, She’s Alive!!!’
The search team brought her to the window with care
and passed her to the medics waiting there.
Against the odds and danger they braved,
they did their job and a life was saved.
Through fire from hell and smoke as thick
they challenged Death and beat him quick.
To save another, their lives they’d give.
Fireman have died, So That Others May Live.
Thankless and dangerous is the job they do,
But what if they didn’t.......would you?!?

Thank you brave fireman. Thanks for all you do.
God please bless your family---if you don’t make it through.