The Volunteer Fire Station Berlin Frohnau

Remembers in deep grief

All the uncountable lives, those who have been wiped out for ever through these terror attacks in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

The children who´s parents will never return home again.

The firefighters and police officers who lost their lives in duty
at the World Trade Center.

There, where all the poor people tried to escape, you went in to do your duty
and you did it well.

You saved a lot of lives
but the price you had to pay is incredibly high.

We feel deepest pain in our hearts.

You are our sisters and brothers.

We honor you.

Our sympathy is with those who are left behind.

We wish courage to all those rescue workers
Who are still going trough hell, fighting to save other people’s lives.

In our thoughts we are with you all the time.

God bless you and America.