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    Default New York's Finest

    My family's deepest sympathy goes out to all of New York's fallen firemen. They were doing their best when God called them home. Our hearts and prayers go out to all of their families and friends. My wife and oldest daughter came up with these few words, which I think is very true. "Some people thought that these attacks would bring America to her knees, We are, we're on our knees in prayer." May God Bless all who have fallen, all who have survived, all who have lost someone and God Bless America.
    Mitchell Y. Osten

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    Just reviewing past posts and thought you might like to hear this...

    I was just reviewing past posts and came across yours... maybe this could help you and comfort you in some way, even now.<br />Have you heard the WTC-Song called, God Will Prevail_"The Victim's Anthem"? 4 Minutes of instrumental, then, lyrics follow to inspire. PLAY LOUD FOR BEST RESULTS. It is my deepest desire to get this song into the hands of the victim's, families, firefighters, policemen, rescue workers, military and the world. Please feel free to share or use this song or site with anyone you so desire. <a href="http://susandwiseman.iuma.com" target="_blank">http://susandwiseman.iuma.com</a> or <a href="http://www.iuma.com" target="_blank">www.iuma.com</a> To God Be The Glory ! Only For Him, Susan D. Wiseman

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