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    Default My Daddy was a Fireman

    Goodnight little boy
    I'll tuck you in
    I'll give you a kiss
    and I'll tell you then...

    your daddy was a fireman
    when a building came tumblin down
    it was his job
    to help people out
    It was his job
    to go in

    He'd be here now
    he'd kiss your tears
    he'd tell you "I love you"
    but daddy's gone
    he can't come back
    but I'm here
    I'll comfort you

    The president said,
    That we are safe
    and daddy is a hero
    no planes in the sky
    a million tears in our eyes
    the sadness tires us all

    but come to bed
    say a prayer for dad
    I'm here...
    I'll comfort you
    I'm sorry son
    I can't bring him back
    your daddy's gone right now
    but heaven's a place
    where your daddy waits
    with people who died there too

    our country is sad
    the world is mad
    I can't tell you what they will do
    but come here now
    let me tuck you in
    I'm here,
    I'll comfort you.

    This song came to me as I was waking up today, I'm not a song writer, singer, and I don't listen to country music alot either, but I heard Reba mcIntyer singing this in my ear, clear as day.
    I don't know what else to do with it, but post it as many places as I can find. I would love to see it produced and the money go to the fireman's families who lost their daddies this week. Can someone help me?
    Tina Fisher
    September 14, 2001

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    That was beautiful and everyone deserves to hear it. I hope it gets recorded. God bless you.

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    Things always happen for a reason! I would try a search engine for C&W and go for there if nothing else who does Reba sing with??? get in touch with the record company, one other suggestion go to the Montgomery firemen site, ther is a C&W song and maybe they can point you in the right direction! I expect to hear this soon!!!!! *soft smile*
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