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    Default My Brother Has Fallen

    My Brother Has Fallen

    My Brother has fallen; no I don't know his name, Have not the same parents still family all the same, He lives in this town, I live in another, It doesn't really matter cause this man is my Brother.

    My Brother I call him yet I've never seen his face I have brothers and sisters all over the place, You see I am a Firefighter and our families are one, A tradition for years past from father to son.

    Around the world, a brotherhood of unity, A closeness, a bond, most people don't see, I'll watch his back; She'll watch mine, "You go, I go" time after time.

    His family's my family, Her family theirs, We're part of one family where everyone cares, I'll look after your kids, please look in on my wife, Should that day finally come when I laid down my life. We dedicate our lives helping our fellow man, Living day after day doing all that we can, Where ever we're needed whether nighttime or day, To save the life of another we'll step in harms way.

    My Brother has fallen doing what he loved best, And among the Honored, he now stands with the rest For a mile in dress uniform here everyone stands, For my Brother has fallen God, into your hands.

    Author: Rick Martin, Captain Quiambaug Vol. Fire Co. Stonington, CT. Permission was granted to me to post this great poem from the Atascocita Vol Fire Departments Website @ http://www.avfd.com/poems/. Please visit this site if this poem touches your heart the way it has touched mine. Thank you Andrew for letting me do this. God Bless to all of you and God Bless America!

    Brett M. Dzadik FF/EMT
    River Edge, NJ Fire Dept.
    Brett M. Dzadik

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    Truer words could not be spoken. This tragedy has not only struck the FDNY, but the fire service worldwide. My thoughts go out to those who have been affected by this disaster in any way.
    A member of the family
    Crazy from the heat!!!

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