My mother was a dispatcher for our local fire department for 12 years. She took such pride in her job and the work of her fellow co-workers. She would come home and brag about them, the firefighters and EMS that saved a life or put out another fire before it detroyed a house. She was proud to be a member of the fire fighting family. When she was diagnosed with cancer in 1998, they took care of her. They gave her sick time, took her to the hospital many times and helped keep her spirits up. She lost her battle with cancer, and the fire department took us in. They planned her memorial service, made all the food and have been so wonderful to my family since then. I will never forget how great they were in our time of need. This is their time of need, our turn to support them. Unfortunately, with three small children, money is not plentiful right now, so I did what I know how. I made a collage of images from the WTC tradegy in memory of those who did not walk away. They will never be forgotten by their family, friends or the world. They are the heroes of our world.
FDNY memorial
Thank you.. and thank you for having this board for us all to express ourselves on.