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    Default What about the children?

    Hello all! I would like to say that no words can explain the sorrow we all feel here in NC for those who are lost and have lost in this tragedy. Our prayers are with you all.
    My reason for this post is really because of my son. The other day when I came home from a long shift, my son, who is 5, and I sat down to watch TV. We have been very open with him about the events of late, so I was not concerned when I saw the news showing clips from NYC. We watched for a minute when they showed a picture of them removing a decimated fire truck from the wreckage of the WTC. My son, like most of our kids, thinks we are all heroes and we never get hurt. We always save everyone else. My son looked at me and asked a question that not only took me back, but tore at my heart. He asked, "Mom, what is going to happen to all the children of the firefighters killed." I cannot explain how this gripped me. I told him that they had loving family that would take care of them and continued with the conversation for a little while longer trying to reassure him that they would be ok. I really don't know if he was convinced though. Over the past few days, this has really got to me. I would like to know if anyone has any information on how or where to make donations or do something for the children of the firefighters/EMS/police that were killed? Also to any of those children who lost a parent in this. Some place that we can be assured that the money or help will reach and help the children directly to improve their futures in this time of great loss. I hope this will help my son feel better about this situation as well as making us feel that we can do something even though we are so far away. Please let me know if anyone has any information.
    Thanks for your help,

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    Donations Can be sent to either:

    UFA Widows and Children Fund

    C/O UFA
    204 E 23 Street
    New York, NY 10010


    New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund

    c/o IAFF
    1750 New York Avenue N.W.
    Washington DC 20006
    Shawn M. Cecula
    IACOJ Division of Fire and EMS

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