My daddy is a fireman.
and to the job he's been true
he didn't come home from work last night
mommy says he's in heaven with you
I'm worried about my daddy god
he's never been away from home before
mommy cried when she told me
that we couldn't see daddy no more
I don't know what it was
that mommy was trying to explain
she said that the fireman weren't bad men
and their lives aren't lost in vain
Now i don't know what that mean god
all i know is we miss daddy alot
because tomorrow is my birthday
and i sure hope he hasn't forgot
I'll follow in my daddy's footsteps
and fight my own fires one day
I hope i make him proud god
everynight for this i pray
I miss those rough and callused hands
that held me gentle so
are you sure you didn't make a mistake
did my daddy have to go?
dear god if my daddy is up there in heaven
please tell him as soon as he's free
to hurry back home as fast as he can because we miss him, mommy and me