I have a heavy heart for the civilians who lost their lives and especially for the Firefighters and Medical personnel who died in the line of duty.

I am a firefighter and medic, and the 300-400 personnel that were lost are my brothers and sisters. I am wearing a black band around my firefighter badge and my medical ID, and will wear it till the bodies of all my brothers and sisters are found and put to rest, although their spirits will never be at rest.

To them I say ... you laid down your life in the performance of your duty never asking why. You have given your all to help others without asking who. Your only thought as you answered the call was Lord, Give me the strength to save these lives and keep me safe in the face of danger.

Evil has taken you from us. We can no longer tell you thanks and see your smile.

But please remember that you are the chosen, your time on earth is done, you have served your time in Hell.

Now take your rest in Heaven.

Edward R Williams
Captain, Northeast
Volunteer Fire and Rescue