I wish to express my support, gratitude and prayers to your firefighting unit(s). Your pages are really touching. I was terribly saddened to see the images that I know can't even begin to encompass the horror of the things you all saw.
My deepest condolences are offered to all those who lost a loved one in this devastation. We have all felt this loss. Close friends of mine have lost family members, from first-responder units.
By some miracle, my sister and husband were able to catch a flight the night before Flight 11, on which they previously were booked.
May God bless you in the coming days, and give you comfort at this time, and in the years to come. All I can offer is my prayers and undying gratitude, and comfort to those
who's hearts are broken.
As I watched the crowds line the streets to cheer you all on, I was there in my heart. I stood and cheered and cried. You are all heros, and your efforts made me really proud to be an American! We shall prevail.

With deepest respect and Mahalos,
Noel Cielo

Hostess of Stand for Something forum
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