(I have posted this message under several topics to get the word out...It may be off topic of this forum, but the cause is worthwhile.) I just wanted to get the word out on this board about this website. It is <a href="http://www.adoptafamily.info" target="_blank">www.adoptafamily.info</a> This initiative is headed by a counterpart of mine at the Middlesex Fire Department in NJ. She put this idea into action, and it has the potential to take off. But action is needed now. The idea is for your FD to adopt a family of one of our fallen FDNY brothers. It was initially setup for the holidays, but it is now for the long term. Please check out the website, and bring this up at you upcoming meeting. We have all lost so many, and now their families need our help....God Bless America, and stay safe.<a href="http://www.adoptafamily.info" target="_blank">Adopt A Family</a>