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    First time on--read that some of your so called fire fighters objected to flying the"stars and stripes" on the fire trucks.Number1-I'm a "limey"living in New Zealand, No2 I am a retired London fireman. My personal vehicle is flying an American flag on the radio antennae,and will continue to do so,at half mast untill Sept 11 2002. If any of you understand "cockney rhyming slang" those that object to honoring the fallen are just a pack of" Lloyds bankers"
    "If you thought it was hard getting into the job--wait until you have to hang the "fire gear"up and walk away!"
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    This is my first post also & I would like to say Thank You Harry. I have been sitting back, watching & listening, trying to track most of the events from 9-11. There are a lot of people & places worldwide showing the colors of the United States. Who is objecting to flying the flag? I did read an article I believe from that there were some safety concerns raised as far as where to display a flag. I feel saddened not only by the recent events, but that it took a tragedy such as this for some Americans to display their "patriotism". Anyway, I am proud to be a 23 year volunteer veteran & my department has applied reflective decals to our apparatus (for safety). Thank you again Harry!
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    My family is from England too, only they came to America in 1629. I'm proud to have an English heritage and to be an American who has flown OLD GLORY in my front yard for many years.

    I believe in the Love it or Leave it principle. If they don't like our flag, they should be made to leave the country.

    It's my opinion and I don't give a damn who doesn't like it!

    God Bless you and Merry Christmas.

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