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    Post Your Family is in my prayers

    For the family of Steven Coakley (FDNY, Brooklyn, Engine 217) whose body was recovered from the WTC on New Years Day....you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. My sincere condolences to Doug and his family...may the lord reach down, wrap his arms around all of you and completely comfort your soul in this time of sorrow. I am posting my Poem for Steven again because I truely believe he lived for THAT call....as did every other FF and LE officer that lost their lives on 9/11....

    <br />In Memory of Steven Coakley (FDNY, Brooklyn, Engine 217)<br />And the many men who lost their lives on<br />9/11/01

    The Call

    Sirens filled the station<br />Urgent was the code<br />I suited up with honor <br />And to the call I rode

    The building was on fire<br />I rushed in without a clue<br />Many lives to save, I thought<br />A job I love to do

    Racing up the stairway<br />Not knowing of my fate<br />It never crossed my mind<br />That Death was there to wait

    Tears filled every eye<br />And horror, every scream<br />I've never saw such heartache<br />Was it all a dream?

    Reality found its moment<br />When darkness filled my light<br />Its hard to feel emotion<br />When there's a fire raging bright

    So on I pushed: unknowing<br />That never would I see<br />Another glimpse of earthly life<br />My soul would soon be free

    I will never know the people<br />Whose lives I saved today<br />For in my act of selflessness<br />My world; it slipped away

    But one thing is for certain<br />I shall forever hear the call<br />For Courage and for Bravery<br />That lies within us all.

    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    I didn't know Steven or any others lost in the disaster, but, if anyone is interested I'd like to share my thoughts and prayers in song...

    Have you heard the WTC-Song called, God Will Prevail_"The Victim's Anthem"? 4 Minutes of instrumental, then, lyrics follow to inspire. PLAY LOUD FOR BEST RESULTS. It is my deepest desire to get this song into the hands of the victim's, families, firefighters, policemen, rescue workers, military and the world. Please feel free to share or use this song or site with anyone you so desire. <a href="http://susandwiseman.iuma.com" target="_blank">http://susandwiseman.iuma.com</a> or <a href="http://www.iuma.com" target="_blank">www.iuma.com</a> To God Be The Glory ! Only For Him, Susan D. Wiseman

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