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    I am sorry to have to post something like this on here, but I feel somewhat offended that people are putting their feelings on this forum and you are trying to get everyone to listen to your song. I have been watching, specifically, this forum and I noticed that you had sent a topic based on the song that you wrote. I would like to congratulate you on writing that song, but I would also appreciate it if you didn't have to tell everyone multiple times about it. Like I said, people poured themselves on this posting and you seem to be only posting to get yourself somewhere.<br />Like I said, sorry to complain...but I just didn't feel that I could sit back. Thanks for listening.

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    Aaron, Please forgive me if I offended you or anyone else. My feelings are expressed in song and is a gift to all who are suffering. I certainly am not trying to put myself out there. I was just trying to reach those directly affected, and this forum seemed to be appropriate.Others have shared what they feel, but, my song must be heard to be shared...I just wanted people to know where to go to hear it, it's meant to be a blessing, not offend. I'll try to be more careful about where I post. Sincerely, Only For Him...Susan D. Wiseman

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    You've both right!

    I know that Susan try to reach many people and she put her song every where on the web.
    Also i get 3 emails from her with the Url to the song on it.
    Also on the forum of the fallenbrothers where i help she ad the url several times.

    Susan you can post it once at all forums on the web Aaron is right.
    BUT!!!! Also I said its an good song.
    I hear it at an memorialmovie somewhere on the web. ( i forgot the url i am sorry)
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