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    Default Fire Prev Program

    Looking for any info to help start a brand new fire prev program.


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    Post what you are looking to accomplish with your program.

    What type of fire problem you have in your area?

    Do you want to reduce injuries or deaths from fires?

    Are your injuries primarily adults or children?

    Who can you reach the easiest, children or adults?

    I would suggest targeting a specific problem at first.

    These are some of the questions (not all) that should be answered before starting your program. Try to establish goals with the program.

    In our county, we have lost several children in fires. We began targeting children in the schools and daycare centers. Concepts such as; stay low and go, close the bedroom door when going to bed, establishing a safe meeting place, firefighter recognition etc. have been taught in innovative ways to make it a fun and pleasant experience for the children.

    Let me know more and I could give you more information on our programs.


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    My name is Jim and I work for the Tinley Park Fire Dept in Illinois. I am currently looking to start a program for the new Hotels we have in town. And also for the nursing homes. I am looking to do fire safety for both employees and residents of the hotels and nursing homes. Does anyone out there have any kind of program in effect already? Or does anyone have any suggestions? If anyone can help,please E Mail me at JGASKILL@tinleypark.org.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    USFA 5 Step Planning Method:

    This is a brainstorming step .. NOT a selectioin step. You are simply gathering data.
    Write down the fire responses and thier causes for the last 3-5 years.
    List your deaths and injuries by cause and occupancy and geographic location.
    Write down any other issues in your district, such as water rescues, cave rescues, false alarm trips, etc. and how many you had.
    This information will help you select your targets in step 3.

    What kind of funding is available within the department? Outside the department (businesses, grants, etc)?
    What kind of manpower is available for public education in the department?
    Externally (seniors, high school students, etc.)?
    Any state agencies, such as the fire marshal's office, that can assist with programs? Mutual aid departments ?
    What are your training resources (fire schools, other departments, training vids/texts) ?
    Make a realistic evaluation of the time available and money available for public ed. Remember to factor in training and administrative time.

    Based on the brainstorming in step 1:
    Prioritize your fire problems.
    Prioritize you target occupancies.
    Then .. select what problems and occupancies will be your educational targets.
    Remember it is better to hit 1 or 2 hard rather than 3 or 4 with limited resources. Target .. Not Shotgun.

    Decide who the target audience is for the problems you are going to attack.
    How can you each them (presentations, media, etc)?
    When can you reach them?
    Decide on your messages.
    Develop your presentations.
    Select/purchase your visual aids and support materials.
    Train your staff.
    Decide how you will contact the audiences.
    Contact audiences and schedule.
    Run a few programs .. evalaute your program. Revise if needed.

    5. EVALUATE (2-3 times a year)
    Do you have enough manpower to run current programs. If no, what do you need to cut. If yes, is there enough to expand current programs or add a new program addressing another fire problem?
    Are your current programs effective. Look at stats and look at the after program evaluations you give educators and teachers.
    Is the funding sufficant ? If yes, do you have enough for another program?

    Feel free to e-mail me at the addy on my profile if you have any questions.

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