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    Default Public Safety Theater

    Our department is planning to construct a public safety theater sometime in the next couple of months. I would like to hear any comments or ideas that are working for other departments.

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    Hi LT.
    Can you share what a public safety theater is? Our prevention program focuses mainly on our school. Is your theater suited for adults and/or children. Hope to hear from you soon. Johneen

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    We were planning on a theater that would house up to 100 persons and could be used for any age group. At this time niether our county nor the cities in it have adopted life safety code , so really everyone is our target. We were looking at puppet shows, clowns, movies, etc.. We know of another county nearby that has and have yet to spec thiers out. Results in that particular county have proven better than the fire safety house.

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    Hi my department is in the process of expanding our fire preventin program thru
    7th grade and eventually thru 12 grade and to the senior citzens. Our current program
    goes from the nursery school thru 4th grade
    I am looking for information on diferent programs that other fire departments are useing and how they inplement them.
    I am also looking for information on starting up a juior fire fighter program.
    I would like to find out as much as i can on both of these subjects any information would be greatly apreciated! Thank you!!!!

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