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    I have been actively involved in fire safety programs for the past 17 years as a career firefighter. Currently there are two of us in my department that are interested in fire safety clowning. We are looking for some advise on getting started. If information or thoughts on entering this endeavor would be appreciated.

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    Fire safety clowning is the most fun I have ever had teaching fire safety education. The state of georgia fire academy offers a course on alternative teaching methods, including clowning, puppetry, and robotics. If you don't have a "official" class you can get numerous books on clowning. The most difficult part of that is putting on your make-up. but with practice it gets better.
    You can get books on simple magic tricks and clown skits then just use your imagination to include fire safety. Just have fun and it will work. We have started a clown society in our county and have had alot of fun and success. If you want more information from me just e-mail me at gafirefighter@mailcity.com and I'll help you as much as i can with ideas on fire safety skits etc...
    One good book to start with is the history of clowns it will get you excited in clowning
    and want to continue the traditions.


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