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    Has anyone seen a smoke detector that is battery powered but is interconnected with other like detectors, so that when one sounds they all sound?

    It seems like this would be pretty easy to do using a low power radio transmitter/receiver to interconnect the detectors, but I haven't seen one yet.


    Pete Bansen
    Squaw Valley Fire Department
    Olympic Valley, California

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    I'm not sure it's exactly what you mean, but in the last several months, I've seen a few wireless systems go in. They have a FACP much like other systems, but it has a funky-looking antenna setup attached. The individual smokes have sounders in them. They have two 9-volt batteries, one for the detection, and one for the radio transmitter. The system can be monitored by a central station and set up so if someone removes one or both batteries, the system goes into trouble and the premises receives a phone call from the monitoring company. Of course, an alarm would be retransmitted to the FD.


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