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    Default Fraternity Buildings: Mixed use or residential

    Does anyone classify a fraternity building as a mixed use of assembly and residential? Currently my office classifies all fraternities as residential, which restricts what can be enforced. Specifically on occupancy, inspections during reasonable hours (2200 - 0200 hrs). Any thoughts appreciated.

    Tim E. Knisely
    Fire Inspector
    Centre Region Code Admin
    State College, PA

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    Tim, a fraternity building with 16 or less occupants could be classified as Lodging or Rooming House in Chapter 20 of 97ed. of NFPA 101. Chapter 20 also would allow you to classify a fraternity building as mixed use.

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    Bennett, thanks for the reply. I'm not that familiar with 101 since it is not adopted locally. Our state enforces an older version of this (87 I think) so I might contact them for info.

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