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    I am looking for information and polocies on inservice companies performing inspections. What are the companies powers of enforcement? (ie. citations, follow up, formal, informal)
    What type of occupancies do the companies inspect?

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    I believe that the current trend is to not allow engine companies to perform engine company inspections for several reasons.

    1. A three man or four man engine compnay gives the appearance of the fire department ganging up against a businees owner while doing an inspection

    2. Engiine company would have to be out of service to perform E.C.I. ( Engine Company Inspection) You are already interferring with a business normal operation when you are doing an inspection, Once started don't leave until completed. You would really tick a business owner off by continuing to interupt his busness by leaving lights and siren, and returning 2, 3, 4 times..depending upon call volume.

    3. Fire Inspections are base handled on a one to one aspect. this allows the inspector to talk openly with the business owner and allows a business relationship to develop. This often allows the business owner an opportunity to bounce an idea off of you to see the feasibilty of doing what he has planned. This often prevents a fire prevention nightmare when it is nipped in the bud.

    4. The business owner is going to get irate when he can't talk to the fire inspector when he calls because he/she isn't on duty or they aren't at the fire station when he calls. I have been called to ask if the hood cleaning service and hood suppression servicer could come two days after the time allowed. It was going to cost this mom & pop operation $75.00 more to get into compliance by the original deadline.

    Point is, Fire prevention is a cooperative effort between the business community and the fire department. It is a realationship that needs to be positive for both entities. Our backing ( Whether tax base or fund raising) comes from the commercial sector of our communities. True residential housing pays a portion of our tax base, but not nearly as much as the commercial properties do.

    Sorry to keep running on about this... but I see oour fire department abou to do the same mistake.

    Regardless of the plan of action you decide to use...
    Good Luck and stay safe.


    J.L. Sills
    Florence Fire Department
    144 E. Palmetto Street
    Florence, SC 29501

    "Expression of my opinion in no way reflects upon City of Florence's beliefs, practices, or procedures recommended or endorsed by the city government"

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    Stay Safe

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