1. Within the last two years our AOR has experienced a series of failures of Gamewell Three Fold Master Fire Alarm Boxes.

2. Failures were related to trip mechanism on recently manufactured local energy type master fire alarm boxes. Initial inquiries made to the manufacturer did not identify any known problems. On 6 Mar 99 the manufacturer acknowledged a problem. The manufacturer issued a notice dated 22 Feb 99 which requested all parties who have experienced a problem with the trip mechanism to contact them. Additionally the manufacturer extended the normal one-year warranty period to three years. Under the warranty, repair or replacement parts on a new Three Fold Master Fire Alarm Box will be provided free of charge. In the most recent conversation with the manufacturer, they communicated that all local-energy master fire alarm boxes manufactured after 1 Jan 97 need to be checked/tested for proper operation.

3. Gamewell Three Fold Master Fire Alarm Boxes are easily recognized as “the familiar red box on the corner”. They are designed for coded alarm reporting in a series normally closed signaling circuit having a normal DC flow of .100 ampere. They transmit signals over this circuit in accordance with their respective coded numbers. Master fire alarm boxes have provisions for electrical actuation in additional to the manual operation. They are designed to provide the connecting link between a principal fire alarm system and auxiliary type fire alarm systems installed for protection of public and industrial buildings. Alarms originating from initiating devices such as smoke and heat detectors, sprinklers, etc., are automatically transmitted through the three fold master fire alarm box to an alarm monitoring/dispatch center.

3. On the side of the shunt coil is the warranty expiration date. The box was manufactured one year prior to this date.

4. Gamewell manufacturers shunt type and local energy type boxes.

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