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    I had been thinking about this idea for sometime and I think it would be a great community project. Now I would like your thoughts and suggestions.

    As we all know some of our hydrants go un-noticed and neglected. Why not allow the citizens of the community take care of the hydrants. My idea would be to allow people to adopt a fire hydrant. Hydrants on peoples property would be allocated to the owner. Other hydrants would be lotteried out in a random manner. Certain rules would apply. Example: If the hydrant is a green head, red, orange, etc... then the adopter could not change that color or cover it up in any way. This would assure the fire officials that they are getting the pressure they need. Also, they would not be allowed to erect any structures around the hydrant. Just cutting the grass and making it pretty. Other than that, it is a free-for-all as to how the person wants to decorate the hydrant.

    An adoptee donation would be implied, but not made mandatory. Those funds would go towards purchasing prizes for those persons who have made their adopted hydrant really standout.

    What do you think. FYI- most of our hydrants , 99%, are in a rural setting. Some of them are way out there.


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    Tom Lafleur
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    Good idea ! Does that include shovling them out in the winter? If so, i'm all for it.

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