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    Post house numbers

    We are trying to implement a program where our department will supply and or install house numbers for elderly or others that may not have the means to purchase or put up their own house numbers. Looking for any tips, feedback or suggestions from anyone who may have done something like this in the past. Post a message or e mail me at mattico@msn.com

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    Our department just implemented the same project.We buy metal plates produced by a state prison here in Georgia.They are wrapped in reflective blue.Our Roads and Bridges Dept.cuts out the numbers in white reflective material.We use a metal post like in fencing.Citizens come by the stations and fill out an order form.We sell them for 10.00 dollars which pays for the sign itself.We go out and install the sign for the citizen.This gets us out doing something for the community which makes for some good PR.All emergency services benefit from the signs which are very visible aat night.We are currently working with the local code office to incorporate this into building permits.Seems to be working well for us.

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    We have a small city with a population of 1500. We were getting some people from out of town stating that they were representing us and going door to door asking for donations to paint the home owners house numbers on the curb. The cost was only $5.00. The funny thing is that they did a good job and it made it easy to find house addresses were they did the job. We decided to first run these people out of town and ask a local service club (high school Kiwanis club) to continue the job. They first advertised and went to the houses that contacted them and gave a $5.00 donation to the club. After they were done with the paying customers they will do all the rest and ask for a donation after they are done. They first paint a white back ground with a roller and follow it up with black spray painted numbers using a stencil. This is very visible and if a car is parked in front you can usually see the house if front or in back.

    Good luck.

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    I wouldn't worry about the people that don't want the FD going around soliciting, as there are always going to be a few of those. People are often becoming very protective of their privacy, and what they consider the invasion of it, such as having to post their street number.

    Even if there is a local ordinance there are going to be those that refuse even to the point of being fined.

    The county in co-operation with all the county firedepartment made an effort to make sure every road had a roadsign. The county supplied the signs and posts, and the FD put them up. There were several instances of people living on these roads taking the signs down, as they didn't even want that much identification as to where they lived. Several locations the sign has been replaced far enough off the road that a car can't hit it, and set in cement so it can't be pulled up.

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