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    Question Bicycle Safety

    I visit an after school program at the local elementary school once a month. They have made a request for next month's topic to be bicycle safety. I am always looking for new ideas. These children are tired and ready to go home, so I have to do things that will capture their attention. Most of the time I have them doing something that requires moving around. And, they usually like a good video. Any good videos out there for children on bicycle safety? What about activities that they can do that will teach them to be safe?


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    Boots Guest


    After school programs are tough ones and there are times when it is almost impossible to keep their attention, especially on Fridays. Sorry, I do not have a solid answer to your question but maybe I can lead you to a great resource for you to use. We use a characterization program to spread the word about fire safety in our schools and schools in nearby communities.Since there are only a limited number of fire prevention behaviors to teach, we also teach alot of other life safety behaviors also, bike safety being one.We do this in order to keep our program fresh. When we need direction and ideas on this subject we turn to our local "Safe Kids" chapter. If you have one in your town or in a nearby town I am sure they can give you great ideas and maybe some resoures to use. Good Luck....


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    Thank you for the suggestion "Boots"! I am a member of the local SafeKids chapter,so I will turn to them for information. Theresa

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    Try you local State Farm Agent. They have a kit to make a bicyle rodeo. They supply everything with the exception of the kids or the bicycles.

    Our agency has used their kit on several occasions.

    Good luck and have fun

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