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    Question fire prevention ideas

    I am getting ready to take over the task of fire prevention for my departmrnt. I am looking for some new ideas that I can share with the school aged kids who have been seeing the same thing since Kindergarten. Any ideas would be very welcome

    thanx mike

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    We have developed a program over the last 10 or so years that we present in the schools during Fire Prevention Week.

    Day Care/Nursery School/Kindergarten:
    "Getting Dressed for work."-- We talk a bit about smoke detectors (with a demonstration) and show and discuss turnout gear and SCBA. The firefighter actually gets dressed while explaining the gear, then goes around the room on hands-and-knees and high-fives the kids, etc. The point is to get them to feel comfortable with the gear, the noise, etc.

    1st grade--Stop, drop, and roll. With demonstrations and we line the kids up and have them show us how good they are at it.

    2nd grade--Crawl low in smoke. Discuss the need to stay on hands and knees. We use blankets help up off the floor to simulate smoke and have them crawl under it.

    3rd grade--Bells and whistles. We talk about the need for kids o have flashlights, whistles, etc. in their rooms and explain the value of using them to signal firefighters where they are. We demonstrate with a two-man crew in full gear and an uncharged line how we would perform a search, and have the kids signal us.

    4th grade--Exit drills in the home. We have the kids map out escape routes of their own homes (2 or three do it in front of the class) We supply NFPA handouts the be taken home on exit drills, which include graph paper for their own drill/escape route.

    5th grade--Review and video. Have been using "Get Out Alive" produced by McDonalds.

    6th grade--"You are in charge." We work scenarios with the kids as if they are babysitting or watching their brothers and sisters. How to call 911, how to deal with some common emergencies, general home safety.

    We also use a number of age-appropriate NFPA handouts for each grade, and some to take home. Contact me with any questions.

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