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    khalber1 Guest

    Question Risk Watch NFPA

    I have just implemented Risk Watch from NFPA. Has anyone else implemented this program? How did you raise the funds? Is the program working?

    Thanks Kelly

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    Lieutenant Gonzo Guest


    We have incorporated Risk Watch into our public fire and life safety education curriculum along with Learn Not to Burn as part of our Department's Student Awareness of Fire Education program. We purchased the program through the SAFE grant.

    It is a good program, the kids seem to enjoy it.

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    The Snake Man Guest


    Where did you get the SAFE grant from? Im about to purchase one for my jurisdiction but would like to defer the cost. Can you give some information on this.
    I have done some case studies with the program. The district next to ours is using it and the principals and teachers swear by it. If you contact NFPA they will send you info on it.

    The Snake Man
    Be safe!

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    Brandy620 Guest


    I'm from Ontario, Canada. We've had the book's into the 2 schools that I work with, for about a year and half now.
    Fortunately the principal already knew about the program. She pushed and I filled gaps.
    It work's. A couple of students that are/were exposed to the program were in the local paper about rescues and advice for other's and they were in grades 3 and 4.
    We were very proud of them.
    We fortunately have a budget in out dept. I lapped it over the year end and new. I bought 2 set's.
    A way of helping you is- do you have a large industral business or service groups,like lions, kinsmen etc.?
    Once they see the program and that it covers 12 months, and all the area's of it , I'm sure they will help sponcer it or help form a colation. We don't have the SAFE grants here. I wish they did. It would help a lot more dept. to get into it.
    Good Luck,
    Your's in Fire Safety

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